Kate’s Story: Bama to God Sex – Ep 2

Episode 2

Sex positive psychotherapist, Kate Loree’s childhood journey led from Oregon bliss to Deep South discordance exposing her to sexual shame, sexual abuse, and racism. But life struggles are often the ingredients that define purpose and passion. Once unencumbered from bible belt restriction due to a llama money inheritance, life got better and shifted into hyperdrive. Arriving bright-eyed to the big city, the city of angels, she started art therapy grad school. Little did she know the wild non-monogamous, kinky ride that lay ahead. Spiritual journeys would shift her further. Together, these experiences shaped her into artsy, trauma-informed, social justice-focused sex-positive therapist she is today. Don’t miss this story that proves that wild sexuality and spirituality can co-exist.

About the Hosts:

Kate Loree, LMFT is a sex-positive licensed marriage and family therapist with a specialty in kink, sex worker, LGBTQ and non-monogamous communities. In addition to her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, she is also an art therapist, and has a second Masters in Business Administration (MBA). She has been practicing psychotherapy since 2003 and has additional training in EMDR and the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) for the treatment of trauma, such as sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Her first book on compassionate, conscious non-monogamy will be published in April of 2022. She has been featured in Buzzfeed videos, has been a guest on Playboy Radio, and many podcasts such as American Sex, Sex Nerd Sandra, and Sluts and Scholars. She has spoken at universities, such as UCLA, and written for Good Vibrations and Hollywood Magazine. Privately, she has been connected to poly, swing and kink communities since 2003 and understands the hurdles, massive emotional growth, and amazing joy these worlds can provide. Her private practice resides in Encino, CA. For more information, please visit her on the web at KateLoree.com.

Website: http://kateloree.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateLoreeLMFT/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kateloreelmft
Instagram: https://instagram.com/opendeeplywithkateloree
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSTFAqGYKW3sIUa0tKivbqQ

Open Deeply podcast is not a replacement for therapy or therapy. Please know this episode has themes of sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. If you catch yourself becoming emotionally overwhelmed by this episode’s content, please get support. Call a friend, therapist, or an emotional support hotline, such as, 800-273-talk (8255).